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Painting a Car

Each Industrial process or paint system is unique in both manufacturing and operation. Our team of highly experienced and technically qualified Project Engineers focus on providing optimum performance for each unique system. They focus to deliver continuous and sustainable improvement to your process.

Our approach to paint line maintenance incorporates the mechanical, operational, and chemical needs of each system to ensure maximum efficiency for the system, and maximum satisfaction for our clients. 

About Advantage

For over 25 years, Advantage Chemicals have been a leading supplier of water treatment chemicals within the Automotive and Industrial markets. 

Our extensive industry experience, wealth of knowledge and market leading technology make us the first choice in managing, servicing and maintaining industrial or automotive paint line systems, paint spray booths, and solids removal systems.


We have extensive experience working on every type of solids removal programme and use a methodical approach to demonstrate the fit and capabilities of our technology.

Whether you need an innovative solution for paint detackification, paint stripping, waste water management or pre-treatment processes, get in touch today to learn more about how Advantage can help. 

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